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Water Tanks

Fluidtec are proud to announce the Purchase of “Water Tank Cleaning Services NQ” and along with the Purchase of this established FNQ Business comes their custom designed Hydro-Evac Tank Cleaning Machine that allows us to remove harmful and foul tasting sediment and sludge that is likely too contain organic contaminants and possibly micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, algae, protozoa, parasites and mould spores.

Using Hydro-Evac technology we are able to complete this process with only minimal water loss!

We begin the process by doing a complete inspection on your water collecting system, ensuring no leaves, animals or sunlight can enter the system and offering any advice where needed. Once we have removed all the Heavy Sediments using our Hydro-Evac machine we then Test the Water Quality and if required add, a CHLORINE FREE additive to remove/kill any harmful Bacteria.

We can also show how to do your own self diagnostics so you can continue to maintain fresh untainted Rainwater!

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